What about manual/ pricing/training details?

You can add us on skype : facedominatorsupport for any queries ,we provide 24*6 assistance.

What to fill in licensing window details?

After install the software you will get an License window where you have to fill
User name : “your skype name”
Password : “your choice”
Transaction id : “Transaction id”
Email : your email id
Licensing Type: Select the Licensing type that you have purchased

Which type of Ips can we use with the software?

Our software is compatible with any http Ips,public or private but we recommend you to use private Ips.

What’s the format of account uploads with/without IPs ?

Every File what we upload is text (.txt) file. Accounts format will be Username:Password For ex: abc9872@yahoo.com:1234567
If Assigning IPs to accounts then it should be :

What all other products we have?

we offer wide range of products & services here is the link

Any tips to make my accounts safer?

Assign a unique IP for each account. Private IP would be much better. Use the spin format of the message. You need to better edit the message by yourself when adding connections. The default one is just an example, and many clients may use the message. So people may think you are spamming and report/block you when they receive this message. Your accounts will be banned if more than 10 people report you. Pay attention to the content of update and message. If any URL is included, it’s better to use multiple redirection service. (Such as bit.ly, tiny URL)

If I would like to move the software to another computer, what should I do?

You need to contact the support and get the license swapped within no time.

Can I import as many accounts as I can to the program? Is there any limitation?

You can uploads the accounts as per the selection of plan.

With basic -5 accounts, Pro – 15 accounts and Agency  – Unlimited no of accounts

Do you have any Video tutorial for Inboardpro?

Yes we have basic video tutorial available on youtube, Also you can visit below links to have a quick look.
Join Search group
Compose Message
Add connection
Msg group member
Get Linked Company
Linkedin get Data

What should be the minimum VPS configuration for running our software?

Here are the specifications for the VPS to run our software —
Depending on how many accounts you want to run you can choose to get a VPS from 2Gb to 16Gb of RAM.
30Gb Hdd ( you’ll have around 11Gb free after the OS is installed)

Is scraping website is legal?

It’s perfectly legal to scrape any website.All major web search engines like google,yahoo,bing scrape millions of sites everyday.