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Simplicity: The Key factor for your LinkedIn Profile

Marketing and sales are the two important terms for any business. If you confuse with the two-term then can for sure lose them. As we all know that the very first impression of your LinkedIn account is judged by your profile. Your profile should have a professional headline and for this, you have to consider these three things that are functional, functional and functional.

With the above-mentioned things, I mean that your customers should understand immediately what are the types of service and product you are offering to them. And you should be aware of the fact that you are able to serve your audience on the basis of your impressive profile.

You have to be conscious with your professional headline as it will describe you and your services in the most simple and practical ways. And don’t forget about your photo as this will help you to call people and let them know that what and who are you.


Blunder which people usually make on LinkedIn


Blunder which people usually make on LinkedIn-min


Well, as discussed above blunder which people usually cause is in creating an “aspirational” headline. People sometimes mention something like this “serving clients to realize their dreams” instead they should write as “business coach”, and it makes a great difference.

You may consider it as the perfect one but trust me people on LinkedIn cannot get you clearly. Million of professional are using LinkedIn as the powerful search engine (internally). And they are the one who is searching for you but if you make things difficult for them to understand then the result will be that they will move on to something else.

In simple terms, you can say that if it’s not clear that who and what are you then you will be skipped. But this doesn’t mean that you should mention about you instead of that you can mention that what you can do for your optimal audience and what make you stand out of other competitors.

So it is advised that concentrate on simplicity instead of cute prose.


Opt for this approach


Well, this doesn’t mean that you should just simply list your role and job title in your professional headline. Instead of that try to mention that how efficiently you can help your audience to achieve their goals.

To let you understand this term go through this mentioned example.

This is about the profile of Lisa. have a look.


Lisa headline


The above picture gives you the perfect example of what I’m trying to explain. Go through her professional headline she has mentioned Lisa Anderson, CPA-Helping You Grow Beyond The Plateau. Also, a Strategic Business Advisor, Virtual CFO, Virtual CEO and has also mentioned about her targeted audiences.

Lisa’s LinkedIn headline is the name of the company which she owns as a CEO. She has concentrated totally on mentioning her audience that what she provide them.


Be the Real you


Be the Real you


You shouldn’t try to mention everything to everybody. As, if you are not simple, clear and generic you will be nobody.

If possible try be sharp and clear cut in targeting your audience and this can be done just by having impressive professional headlines. Be clear with your functions and practices and try to use practical words.

Once you are done with this point you won’t have to face further problems. And soon you will find your work interesting.


Over to you


LinkedIn is all about maintaining simplicity and clear cut approach to gain the trust of your audiences. Hence LinkedIn Profile has to maintain the simplicity. 

Hope I was clear on my words to explain you how to use LinkedIn for business Do share your views via a comment and don’t forget to follow our blog post on Inboardpro.


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