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New Publishing Experience for the Professionals through LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always become the mode to make connections with the professionals so that they can be more productive and successful. It has always come up with the ways to encourage the use of the site by the users.

So here is the new publishing experience which will for sure encourage the use of this site. With about 450+ million professionals, it had shared the best opportunities, ideas, news, and perspectives.

I am present here to introduce you the new publishing experience which will make your activities even easier to enhance your reach and engagements. Let’s move on to that!!


The new publishing experience includes more text, font options, a new reading experience that will remove noise and distraction from the page.  Now moving on to the features.

Sleek Modern Interface

It  is denoted as the clean new design which will help the editors to experience the pleasure of full-width. This helps the writer to fully soak the pleasure of your writing. This experience will encourage the writer to come with the best content.
Sleek Modern Interface

Rich Engaging Multimedia

Now you are able to enrich your articles easily as it had made it easier to add, move, resize the multimedia with in-line images, slides, videos, podcasts and much more. This will help your users to appreciate exploring the content of yours and will encourage engagements. You just need to click on the Add Multimedia icon.

View below.

Rich Engaging Multimedia

Provided a Beautiful Reading Experience

You are able to experience a beautiful reading experience. This helps you to make more and more engagement to your sites. It has also updated the tagging and distribution system so as to help the surface of the article. You are also able to add hashtags in your articles before your publishing process, this will be easier for the professionals to discover search of your content (now you are able to search hashtags on your mobiles and is coming soon to the desktop).

Make a view.

Provided a Beautiful Reading Experience

So how efficient you can use these features. For these consider the following suggestions.

Make use of the impressive headline

Make use of the impressive headline

The best way to seek the attention of your viewers is to provide them with an impressive headline which can grab their attention. This will provoke the viewers to move in the depth of your content and you are able to increase your engagements.

Choose the topic which is Latest

Choose the topic which is Latest

Try to make your post on the topics which are latest and in-demand. This will allow your viewers to get converted into a reader. Your main aim should be to attract your viewer’s intention and ask their involvement on that topic.

Wrapping Words

At last, I want to say that LinkedIn is the platform where audiences are eagerly waiting for the latest approaches. Writing and posting impressive reads will definitely have a direct impact on your audience growth. So try to make an efficient use of the new publishing experience for your professional world.

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