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Marketing Science: What are the most Effective Marketing Methods?

LinkedIn has always played a vital role in enhancing the business. In other words, we can say that LinkedIn wants its users to do more business on this platform. Since the new features have evolved this site has passed with better improvements. It has played a vital role to train its users for using this platform so that they can generate leads and can win new business goals.  

Along with the above improvement, LinkedIn has recently shared its tips and practices for the better marketing. In a new eBook which is termed as “The Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for marketing”, it has uncovered some of its interesting findings that any businessperson can take advantage of their marketing efforts on the world’s largest social media professional platform.

Here are the key elements.

1. Content is equal to Currency

Content is equal to Currency

Well, it is quite obvious that using content for the marketing purpose is the key to successful marketing. You can consider the blog posts as a medium to get engaged and build business-related relationships with your targeted audience. The one to whom you want to sell.

LinkedIn has always been the mode of encouragement for its users so that they can post and share their content and friends it’s working. As per the stats, you can find 9 billion content per week on the news feed and over 3 million members contribute their content on LinkedIn every 7 days.    

2. The numbers matters

The statistics matters

One of the secrets which LinkedIn reveals is that including statistics to your posts are the best. LinkedIn Marketing Team members found that when static mentioned in your post link back to your other post content then it receives 162% more impressions. And the 37% high is the click through rate i.e CTR.

When you are promoting any of your content on the news feed of your LinkedIn account, you should try to utilize some stats in that copy so that it attract people to click on that link and then they can go through the whole blog post, report, etc.

3. Shorter content is the better one

Shorter content is the better one

It was found that when the excess amount of information is mentioned in any content, then the professional are not able to digest each and every information mentioned in that post.

This means that if you want that your blog post should be advantageous for the readers, then you should try to keep your status update short, sweet and informative. LinkedIn has also shared that the status with 150 characters or less saw a 18% boost in the people’s engagement rate.

Also, when you make your status update then think about its similarities to tweet on Twitter.

4. Sales Funnel on LinkedIn: How it works?

Sales Funnel on LinkedIn: How it works?

When people create free content for their targeted audience, they had to be conscious how they can purchase the attention, time and the interest of their potential customers. It also depends on the way how you create the eagerness to like, know and trust on the mentioned elements. These elements can be the key to success for your sales and business related relationship.

The day when you are able to ask someone to show their engagement with your free content, then you will for sure lead a magnet which enables your customers to get involved more in your content.

It can be an invitation or free book or anything but should be actionable and relevant content. So that it can help your customers to solve their biggest problems.

5. Finally the words matter

Finally the words matter

In accordance with the members of LinkedIn Marketing Team, the words which you are using to make leads matters a lot.

For example, they found that replacing the word “eBook” with “Guide” found the 100% increase in CTA. The most important thing is that you have to target niche audiences.

Over to you

The above-mentioned points were the most effective marketing methods. Hope you are able to understand the same. Share your views on this post.

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