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Latest Tools to Maximize LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Creating, sharing valuable content with a targeted niche audience is considered as the price that you have to pay in order to buy prospects online attention, interest and time.

LinkedIn has long stimulated its followers to share and create original content on the platform, and millions of people do each week. Newly, LinkedIn revealed some novel developments to their publishing platforms that can help safeguard your hard work gets you noted by the precise audience.

So here you will learn how to utilize these novel tools in order to get benefits on LinkedIn.


Picture Perfect


Picture Perfect


Recent research proves that images are the next big thing to boost audience engagement. Articles and posts which include images are succeeded in achieving 94% more overall views on LinkedIn.

In recent times, LinkedIn’s made it easier than before to boost your publisher posts. The only thing you have to do is to simply click on the “Add multimedia” icons and you can simply drag and drop all the videos, images, add links and embed content straight in your LinkedIn blog posts.

Adding a few eye catchy images and also subheads in the middle of the text is surely good practice as audience often scans through the articles.


What Type of Multimedia Works Well on LinkedIn


What Type of Multimedia Works Well on LinkedIn


Multimedia usually plays a key role in generating business on LinkedIn. Offering certain screen shots and screen recording allows you to draw the attention of huge customers. This is one of the best tactic or approaches.

Moreover at the end of LinkedIn blog post, one can include a Call To Action which is mainly used to invite someone to free webinar or embedding a video that familiarizes readers to your company, inviting comments on particular posts etc.


Hashing it out


Hashing it out


Hashtags are widely used to explore content, these hashtags help the audience to discover content and LinkedIn novel enhancements make it essential to get these right if you need a right audience for your particular posts. So here LinkedIn made it clear and the content and the posts and content including hashtags gets surfaced more easily on the LinkedIn and are more simply retrieved and indexed inside the linked massive internal search engine as well.

In order to discover the top hashtags for your content, better think of what are phrases and keywords or phrases we enter in Google in order to surf certain information on your topics.

For example, you are making content for LinkedIn marketing, the most used hashtags would be:

#contentmarketing, #linkedinmarketing, #linkedinmarketingtips, #leadgenerationonlinkedin etc.

Let’s consider the professional networking guru itself. LinkedIn usually focuses on a particular hashtag each month. It maintains an Editorial Calendar with this regard. During the time of launching its learning site, it promoted the hashtag #AlwaysBeLearning.

This tells that we should not ignore Hashtags on LinkedIn.


Don’t Miss Any Chance of Engaging with Audiences


Don’t Miss Any Chance of Engaging with Audiences


Content marketing mostly deals with engagement. When someone reads your content and responds to it, you are halfway done in reaching your goal.

So whenever you got some comments, be it positive or negative, respond immediately to those comments in a positive manner. This helps in creating a bond between you and your reader and thereby leads to a conversion.

As a human nature, we immediately want to know how many people have interacted with our content. In this aspect, analytics tools will help you.

LinkedIn offers mobile analytics where you can get instant statistics of your content. And you can also use some third party tools like LinkedDominator or Inboardpro which give you precise statistics of your content.



These were some of the novel tools which can for sure help your business growth. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the advantage of using these novel tools for LinkedIn or Inboardpro.

Share your views on this blog post via a comment and try the above-mentioned tools and feel the difference.

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