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How to Boost Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?


It is necessary to remember that LinkedIn is mainly focused on the white-collar specialists, employers and job seekers, therefore when you are interested in promotion strategy for your website via LinkedIn you need to keep in mind that that topic of your posts should be related to interest of this category of people.

First of all you need to fill in the data for your personal profile on LinkedIn, be precise about your interests, area of business, hobby. You should create your personal brand on this platform as a professional in the field of your business. Invite your friends from university, school, work and previous employers. More people you know the better for your business, because you will be able to connect with their friends and expand our professional network.  This will increase the amount of people who watched your profile and, therefore, your website. This will grow the probability that someone might be interested in your business offer. It is possible that you will find business partners via LinkedIn.

Remember that one of the most important things is to optimize your profile, make your information relevant, real-time, and personal. Use the keywords and some documentations, presentation and media content.

These are some of the “baby steps” that can help you in promoting your business via LinkedIn:

  1. a) Create the account for your company on LinkedIn, and be precise while filling in all the precise data about your business
  2. b) Do not forget about giving your contact information.
  3. c) Use specific keywords, so it will be easier for people to find you. Post interesting information, which would be related to the area of your business. Create small discussion groups, and focus on the local ones, this way you would be able to grab more attention to your content, then if you will focus on the larger audience.
  4. d) Keep in mind according to some statistics – the best time for posting starts from Tuesday evening till Thursday evening.
  5. e) Use visual content. Seriously! You will be surprised, how it automatically influence the growth of your audience. We are not talking about some cute nice pictures; your visual content can be: video lessons related to your business area, some infographics tips and tricks, press articles, screenshots from your twitter or FB network, some guides, name it.
  6. f) Try to unite your followers and followers of your business page, create discussion groups related to your business. Try to become an influencer for your audience. What does it mean? It means that you can stand out of the competition and instead of doing never-ending marketing, try to build valuable connections and develop it further. What you can do? Use @mention, send messages, and try to use each opportunity to congratulate people, admit them and their achievements, new jobs, career development steps, help them, and share ideas. Identify who among all of those people might be the most important for you and check their profiles in order to analyze what their needs are. If you will use this strategy of communication, people will remember you and your product.
  7. g) Post tips and tricks related to your business, which might be interesting for your audience, remember your content should be useful and business oriented, and bring the value not the quantity.
  8. h) It is important to join other discussion groups which are relative to your area of business and your product or service, this will give you a chance to create new valuable connections with its audience, who might become interested in your products.
  9. i) The most common mistake people do with their personal profiles and company pages on the LinkedIn platform is that they are tiring to make a CV from it or a business card. Please don’t make a Wikipedia page from your profile! Try to inform your audience how you can help them. Consider these sample—

“We are_____ (name of the company), which helps __________________________________, giving the advantage_________________________________ (put here your competitive advantage, why are you different?).  Tell people who you are, how your service or product solves their problem and why you are different on the market, what makes you stand out!

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