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How To Generate New Leads For Your Business On LinkedIn?

Are you using LinkedIn to generate new leads for your business?

Have you been looking for thoughtful and refreshing strategies to help your lead generation efforts?

Most B2B businesses on LinkedIn have a generalized focus on building effective connections and generating authentic leads. However, majority of them struggle a lot in achieving their actual goals.

With Over 450 million professional presence, LinkedIn is the exact platform to establish business relationships. Yet LinkedIn being a highly professionalized zone, one small mistake can have a disastrous impact on businesses.

So it’s necessary to follow up everything before implementing it in the real world. It’s definitely not an easy task to come up with a list of potential customers and increase your product sales. But with a unique strategy in hand you can surely turn the tables.

This article is going to bring forth certain quick tips, that will enable entrepreneurs to tap into the limitless power of LinkedIn to generate new leads for business. So without any further halts let’s get suited up.

#Step 1: Proper Optimization Of Profile Helps to Generate New Leads

Usage of a LinkedIn profile in order to connect with new faces requires the need of profile optimization.  For an instance, people whom you never met until now, wishes to connect with you on LinkedIn. What will be your reactions?

What if while scrolling through their profile you come across something unprofessional? You will immediately reject the idea of adding them to your business circle. Well, the same thing or even worse can happen to you.

Proper Optimization Of Profile Helps to Generate New Leads

Thus building an optimized profile showcasing you as a cordial business person. Requires a polished profile picture and a beguiling bio to captivate the minds of the readers.

So it’s pretty simple, all you have to do is set up the correct matter in the required spots. In that manner, your LinkedIn profile will technically turn into an enthralling identity. Allowing more people to establish connections and thus giving you an opportunity to get new leads.

Step 2: Create Dedicated LinkedIn Groups to Generate New Leads

Creating LinkedIn Groups is another coercive method to boost the lead generation processes. Fortunately starting a LinkedIn group of your own is an effortless task. Whereas maintaining such groups while its growing is something cumbersome.

Create Dedicated LinkedIn Groups to Generate New Leads

Maintaining and participating in LinkedIn groups certainly, builds a sense of authority within your business niche. But then the question arises- how to create groups? Well it’s not so tough all you have to do is;

  • Hover over the ‘Interests’ option in the main menu on LinkedIn.
  • Pick ‘Groups’ followed by the selection of ‘My Groups’.
  • And simply click on ‘Create Group’ option to create a group of yours.

The process of creating groups is completed successfully. The next important thing that needs to be taken care of is the successive addition of content and people in the group.

Step 3: Formulate A List Of Potential Customers in order to Generate New Leads

Once you have ample members and have started rolling in some contents with the created groups, focus on your ultimate goal of generating leads.

The goal should always be to get the most out of LinkedIn marketing efforts. Thus one should start up creating a list consisting of at least 500-800 potential leads.

Formulate A List Of Potential Customers in order to Generate New Leads

Confused how to proceed with it? LinkedIn offers an inbuilt search option that allows the search through over 450 million users. And obtain the prospects you desire.

Thus generating new leads for business at a brisk pace no more an issue. Through procure usage of filters for searching prospects on LinkedIn can be simplified to a larger extent. However, focusing on sharing similar business niche or roughly at the same level within your industry betters your chances for generating leads. Yet the process can be a bit time consuming.

Step 4: Switch To LinkedIn Automation To Simplify Marketing Efforts

LinkedIn marketing involves several processes such as searching prospects, creating and maintaining groups, the addition of people in those groups, and effective content curation.

Besides all these, messaging to any individual (if needed) in order to boost engagement. In fact carrying out so many processes at the same time is bound to seem cumbersome and hectic. Thus all such activities need automation.

Switch To LinkedIn Automation with InboardPro

On searching the internet you are to get a long list of LinkedIn automation software, yet most of them might not completely suit your purposes. You need an all in one LinkedIn automation tool like InboardPro.

Featuring all types of exciting and fully functional attributes InboardPro lets you add connections, join and create groups. Along with this, it also helps composing messages, offers dedicated search and much more. All such features not only automate your LinkedIn marketing activities but also paves your way to generate new Leads for business.


Generating new leads and boosting up relations to drive online sales are time taking process. They are bound to offer measurable results but for that, you have to be patient enough.

Nevertheless, once your business reputation is well established, LinkedIn itself acts as a platform for advanced targeting. So it’s worth the wait. By converging the above-stated tips within your unique LinkedIn marketing strategy, you’re bound to get fruitful results.

It would enable you to generate new leads and hike your business conversion rates. Does this post seem beneficial? Share your reviews and suggestions via your comments.

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