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How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Groups?

Are you wishing to generate leads for your business with the LinkedIn groups? Then I must say that yes, you are on the right track because LinkedIn groups are the easiest way to do that.

No matter if you are new to this field of Digital Marketing because we are here to help you out. We would suggest you the best and the easiest ways which can help you in generating leads for your business growth.

Are you ready to start up a run? Then just continue your reading.

Why choose the LinkedIn Groups?

The first thing which you would focus is why you  should go with the LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn was launched back in the year 2013 and has now undergone in various remarkable developments. And the time has come that LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all corporate website traffic. Have a look below.

From the above graph, you might have got the idea how LinkedIn has its engagements in the corporate website. You can see 64% of traffic is coming from social media. This can prove that you are able to make the most fertile marketing ground with LinkedIn. Which can be fastened if you join the professional groups.

Tip 1

Make use of search filter

Make use of search filter


Try to use  the search filter to find the leads. I would suggest you join many groups but as we know everything has some limits, right? This also has the same like you can own or manage only 30 groups at a time, you can have 10 pending groups and much more for more information click. The best thing being in groups is that you are able to filter the membership list which can help you to find the influencers and prospects.  

Also, you can delete some of the pending groups which you don’t want to join. This might be a lengthy task, right? For performing this you can take help of any automation tool which helps you on the same and on other prospective too. I would suggest you move on with Inboardpro. This automation tool helps you to manage your accounts, groups, connections and much more.  Let’s have a look on deleting the pending groups.

Remove Groups


Remove Groups


This module will help you to remove groups. You can select the groups which you want to remove and mention the same from the add groups option. When you are done with the groups then set the delay in seconds and can submit your action by clicking on start.

Tip 2

Try to personalize your Invitations

Try to personalize your Invitations

Once you have created a LinkedIn group now it’s the time to make connections. Try to send the personalized invitation. The LinkedIn Invitation should be personalized and clear I suggest mention informal sentences. Then you can move on with the explanation why you want to get connected with that person. Continue, like asking that person’s hobby, interest, passion which is something beyond work. This will make your invitation stand out.

As I had mentioned earlier that using automation tool will help you a lot. Now you are able to send invitations to more members to group with Inboardpro at the same time. Let me explain you how.

Invite Members to Group

Invite Members to Group

This module will help you to invite a number of members to your group. You can add group, mention Emails then can set the delay in seconds then just click on start to make the invitation.  

Over to You

These were some of the ideas how you are able to generate leads with the help of LinkedIn Groups.

Hope you are able to understand the same and will implement this for generating leads for your business. Follow our blog on Inboardpro for more information.

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