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How to Generate Leads by combining Content Marketing and LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has always played an important role to generate leads like the other social media platforms. If you wish to generate B2B leads through content marketing then I must say that LinkedIn can help you a lot in this process.  

Are you wishing to generate leads through the content marketing on LinkedIn? Then this blog post will help you a lot in doing that.

Let’s peep into the content and get some ideas on that.


1. Know for whom you are creating the content


The point which I’m going to discuss in this part are the points which are applicable for all types of content marketing.


Know for whom you are creating the content


If you wish to create a superb content then it is very important to know for whom you are creating the content. Especially, when you are creating content marketing on LinkedIn and B2B content marketing then it becomes necessary to know the granular level of content marketing. As per the LinkedIn ability to show your content to the right person it becomes quite necessary to know what and for whom you are writing.

For example, the content written for an IT Director and IT Technicians are quite different from each other.   


2. Understand what you want your content, should do for you


The another most important thing which you have to consider is, understanding what your content should do for you. Firstly, you have to focus on this and then the concern comes for the type of content. No matter if your content receives fewer shares, the content which explains the skills and abilities are far better.

So if you are willing to drive traffic or generate leads then you must opt for the detailed content, it would be the best.

With the above-mentioned point, I would like to drive your attention towards the thought of leadership content.   

With this leadership content, you able to publish content on a regular basis. And this content is not published with the aim to generate immediate sales or leads. This is the type of content has the aim to make viewers aware of the your product. The metrics to measure these contents varies. If you are considering thought leadership content then the stats which you will consider is shares/likes/comments or maybe follow.

But when you are considering the actual content than the thought leadership content you should consider:


  • The content that will display what your company’s culture represent.
  • The content that will explain how your products and system has lead to a dramatic change for your business.
  • The content which will explain the developments of your business graph.     

3. Make use of tracking URLs


It totally depends on your tactics and ideas which you are applying for your company’s growth but it will be in vain. Confused, right? I meant if you are unable to track your company’s growth then it will be in vain. How can you judge that you are doing a great job, though you are applying your best efforts but you have to keep a track of work?

So if you are willing to receive a huge traffic from your content published on LinkedIn then you need to create tracking URLs. For creating this you can use the free tool. This will help you to measure your efforts done for your company.   


4. Provide a proper call to action


Provide a proper call to action


Many publications don’t allow you to promote your products directly on their site but on LinkedIn, you are able to do that. Moreover, you can spam readers with the overly promotional contents but if you are having a significant call to action for your content then you can easily attract people to show their engagements for your company as well as for you. You can encourage them to subscribe to your blog for more in-depth knowledge.

Many brands have increasingly understood the value of LinkedIn to content marketing.  


Over to you

These were some of the points which can help you to generate leads by combining content marketing with LinkedIn.   

Hope I was clear in explaining you the point which can help you to generate leads for your business.

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