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Escalate Your Business Construction With Inboardpro

LinkedIn is wide and most commonly used social networking site for the marketing purpose. It is mainly known as a professional networking site which is employment oriented. It is the best site which is used for recruiting employees and advertising business services. Many traders and entrepreneurs are preferring LinkedIn for their business purpose. They do wonder about the ways and techniques which can help them to do their business in a better way. So have you found the best LinkedIn marketing solution? Well, Inboardpro is the best marketing solution which gives the best features  to escalate your LinkedIn business in an advanced way.


Inboardpro is an open source marketing solution. A businessperson can fully trust this automation software. As it allows the registered members to build their personal brands. So that they can generate leads for their brands and products. Various features are available to manage the LinkedIn business constructions and these features help the users to get the result effortlessly and easily. Inboardpro is one of them which carries the same motto to get the success and reach the target.

Features are the most important thing which makes any marketing tool wide and easy to use. So let’s talk about the features of Inboardpro and how it helps to raise your business connection strongly.

#1. Accounts Manager:

Accounts Manager of Inboardpro

Using this module, you can easily add accounts and delete accounts with a single click. That means, in short, we can say you can manage your account easily with just a single click. So use this module and manage your account with ease.

#2. Groups:

Group management of Inboardpro

Using this module, you can manage all the group activities easily and sharply. In this feature, you will get a group status update option with the help of which you can update your group status in which you are a member. That means you don’t need to update your status at a regular time interval. This feature updates all the status of the respective groups at the same time.

#3. Invite members:

Invite Members to Group using Inboardpro

Using this module you can invite members to your group. If you have created 2-3 groups, then you don’t need to go for the invitation process individually. You can invite the expected members to your different groups at the same time interval. This is an easy and time-saving process.

#4. LinkedIn scraper:

LinkedIn Scraper

This feature is one of the most powerful features among all. It has all the advanced options that LinkedIn has in its advanced search options. As you can see, you can scrape data from LinkedIn or LinkedIn profile just by putting the keyword, premier options, and other related data.

#5. Search:

LinkedIn Search

This feature has made the searching process advanced and easy. Now you can search any user by their name or email id. Not only this, you can search a member by keywords and URLs.

And many other features to know.

Wrap Up:

So this blog post is all about the LinkedIn profile and how we can manage our LinkedIn account efficiently. These features work as a fuel for LinkedIn marketing. So use this LinkedIn marketing solution and escalate your business with LinkedIn.  

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Thank you for reading my post. Share your views with us in the below comment box. 🙂

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