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A platform to harness the power of LinkedIn marketing and generate more ROI.

What is InBoardPro?

InBoardPro is the world’s first open source LinkedIn marketing management solution which is one of the most awaited product of SocioBoard, to maintain multiple LinkedIn accounts in just few clicks, building influencing brand recolonization, lead generation, searching right job, recruiting right candidates using LinkedIn service. The platform just don’t stop here, It offers a platform to the brand to harness the power of social media marketing with huge success.

InBoardPro well-known for it’s fastest pace and providing the most powerful and influential, prosperous professionals to the job recruiters from LinkedIn. It offers real-time brand visibility across your entire needs, enabling access without clients physical presence, candidates, business and companies data worldwide. InBoardPro designed with keeping one thing in mind – your success and showing the effort with a complete program of prosperous professional services. It assists you to get up and run to ensures that you get countless value for your requirements.

InBoardPro delivers many remarkable features to build as well as increase your Social presence and offer you the power of social media to identify costumers needs via brand communication hence, the products get identify on the market faster than ever. The InBoardPro is a latest social marketing solution for global marketers who want to naturally enhance their reach to audiences understanding, requirements, operations and likelihood of quick success. Determine your social connections,pinpoint goals, marketing performance and strategies for effective impact.

With InBoardPro, simply boost your LinkedIn productivity now it doesn’t have to be a exhausting, manual time-consuming process for optimizing and managing your LinkedIn marketing campaign now!

With InBoardPro, you have the flexibility to make use of following options:

  • Add Connection

  • LinkedIn Search

  • LinkedIn Get data

  • Status Update

  • Create Group

  • Join Friends Group

  • Join Search Group

  • Group Status Update

  • Compose Msg

  • Msg Group Member

  • IP Setting

  • Endorse your profile

  • and much more.

Ability to optimize and manage multiple InBoardPro accounts and automate them to do effective marketing campaigns and grow your ROI is the best features of InBoardPro. The platform offer a very easy to use and easy to navigate dashboard for the management of multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Key Features of InBoardPro:

  • Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts

  • Advance search incorporated with filters.

  • Find LinkedIn profiles more effectively & efficiently by using Keyword OR Url

  • Create, invite and manage your own LinkedIn groups.

  • List out your communities and join them.

  • Automatic Profile and Group Status update.

  • Search and add new connection either by email or keyword search.

  • Message your Group members about your connection.

  • Endorse professional skills of your connections in single click.

  • View your profile rank and visitors details

  • And tons of other useful features…

Consistent conversion and timely scheduling LinkedIn Marketing Campaign What InBoardPro All About!

You can schedule your marketing campaign with InBoardPro, you can easily do conversion with your social communities and followers on any number of LinkedIn accounts. The navigation to InBoardPro is user friendly. The LinkedIn conversion planner lets you post and schedule or automate your messages in multiple numbers of LinkedIn accounts with specific keywords and Url as well. This is not end, InBoardPro offers a huge range of account management and engagement features. You can even easily schedule and automate your messages in bulk for better volume assignments.

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