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5 Simple Yet Powerful Practices on LinkedIn for Marketers

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is so special for B2B marketers. Planned properly, LinkedIn marketing can help a B2B company to stand out in the competition.

To achieve the desired results, marketers need to follow some best practices on LinkedIn. But most of the marketers don’t know what exactly to follow on LinkedIn. This causes them losing great opportunities to grow their business.

Here in this article, we are giving you the best things that you can follow easily on LinkedIn to get the most from the professional network.

1. Know What to Post

Yet it sounds simple, it is the foundation stone for better content marketing on LinkedIn. When compared to other social networks, LinkedIn has the salient Publisher feature to pen down your stuff on the professional platform.

  • Content marketing is all about getting traffic. Then how could you ignore making some clickable content? Share links on your content and intrigue your audience to click on the links to get more fun. And keep remember that using Call-To-Action phrases is mandatory for your marketing. Because, people are more likely to click on a link when they are called to click and grab than they aren’t.

clickable content on linkedin marketing

  • Make sure your content is audience specific. This means, you have to know about your audience, your followers on LinkedIn,  what their interests are, and what your target is. Once you know these things, you can make content that entices the reader to read more.
  • As a B2B marketer, you should possess updated knowledge of your industry. And now, make content on the same. Share about the more recent things and give your insights and ask for others’ opinions and ideas. Thus you can create beautiful content that creates engagement and makes you an industry expert on the professional community.
  • Apart from the industry experts, career aspirants are the majority community on LinkedIn. So, you are supposed to target them as well. So share your business updates and work culture. Share how it would be working with your company and what makes you different from others. This can build great trust and credibility of you among the vast LinkedIn professional community.

2. Your Employees are Your Brand Ambassadors

This is so sad that 77.3% of the employees surveyed are not much encouraged to share their company related information on their personal social profiles. Whereas 21.6% of the employees are not much sure if their employers are okay with sharing the company’s content.

If you are one of such employers who doesn’t encourage his employees to share the brand content on the former one’s social profiles, you will be in a great loss. So from the moment itself, encourage your employees to share your content. Because, they are your brand ambassadors.

The reason why I’m emphasizing is:

42% of employees feel the success when they are informed about the company updates. This makes them work more and give better.

Obviously, your employees have better networks on social media. So when they share your content, that can reach more potential users for your business.

3. Don’t be Outdated

No one likes something stale. So, keep your LinkedIn page updated with fresh content. Keep an eye on your page information and update it with the new updates of your company.

Some of the content you published might need thorough updation. So keep tabs on such content and make regular changes to the content.

Don’t so lazy and post once in a year. Your page should be active on any social network. So, post regularly like once a week at least. And make engaging content that some discussion will be made on it. Thus, you can create more engagement on LinkedIn.

4. Leverage LinkedIn Pulse

The publishing tool on LinkedIn, Pulse, should be there in the arsenal of your content marketing strategies. This is not just a publishing platform. This offers so many benefits for your page on LinkedIn. So, it’s your part to leverage the advantages of Pulse.

linkedin pulse-linkedin marketing

  • With Pulse, you can reach the right audience of your business on LinkedIn.
  • As per the stats, top pulse posts get around 1,800 shares within 48 hours. Please note that the top posts are contributed by the users with more followers. So, if you have an appreciable number of followers, this platform would be helpful for you.
  • As LinkedIn gives good backlinks to the pulse posts, this will give you SEO benefits.

When you have these many advantages, you are not going to ignore it, I know.

5. Use Analytics

linkedin marketing-analytics

Analytics are very important in every aspect of business. Because, your results should be measured to get better. LinkedIn itself offers you some analytics features to measure the performance of your company page on LinkedIn.

If you want to measure more, you can go for some third-party tools like InboardPro where you can get the best analytics features that give you precise insights into the performance.

There are some key parameters like clicks, page views, unique visitors, and impressions etc. Measure these parameters definitely with more precision.


These are the 5 best practices that you need to follow on LinkedIn to get the desired results for your business. Though these sound simple, it is a bit difficult to achieve perfection in all these things. Of course, nothing is easier unless you practice it thoroughly.

That’s all, guys! Please leave your thoughts in the comment box. Hope this post helps you with your LinkedIn marketing. To get more such tips, please subscribe to our blog.

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