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5 LinkedIn Tips to Grow Your Business Via LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn with more than 347 million active users, is one of the most popular social networking platforms which are especially meant for professionals. And apart from this, it is one of the top social networking sites overall.

Today, many people are unaware how to use the LinkedIn to its fullest potential to experience its positive impact on the marketing campaign.

With the new social networking sites budding up every now and then, LinkedIn is one such platform that frequently gets under-utilized or get into the back burner. But the fact is, LinkedIn may be greatly influential – particularly when you’re well aware about the platform’s all hidden features that don’t get approximately enough publicity as they should. So, to assist you in getting LinkedIn well, here’s an ultimate list of LinkedIn tips that you should never overlook!

What’s LinkedIn?

In 2003, LinkedIn was launched and at present, after Facebook and Twitter, it’s 3rd most popular social networking platform in terms of total unique monthly visitors. It’s a social network platform with a more professional feel. It’s chiefly focused around careers, and using it people can easily share and get connected to other professionals, including coworkers, new employees, business partners and potential employers as well. For businesses, LinkedIn can be a great marketing tool.

Tips for LinkedIn Profile: How to Use LinkedIn for Business & Marketing?

Get your Company Page well optimized

The complete design of Company Pages has transformed a lot over the past few years. Ensure your company page is well setup and optimized for the latest layout, including a high quality and attractive banner image.

Create targeted Showcase Pages

The showcase Pages are niche related pages that divide your primary LinkedIn Company Page. Doing this will assist you to market specific products or services, or simply satisfy any individual marketing personas, offering more customized experience for the company page visitors. The users of LinkedIn can also go along some particular Showcase Pages without following the company’s main official page or it’s any other Showcase Pages, letting your business to cater the page narrowly to the audience particular to the page.

Post Every Company Status Updates and Don’t Forget To Target Them

A business can easily take fullest advantage of their LinkedIn official Company Page by frequently sharing Company Status Updates and make the page followers to see it. Doing this can help you get more followers in your LinkedIn profile and thus helping to grow LinkedIn reach more.

The admins of the Page have an ability to target their updates through different criteria such as job function, geography, company size, industry, seniority, or by company employees, etc.

Take Assistance of Pulse to Keep Each Track of Industry Updates

Pulse is one of the most awesome LinkedIn section, where you can explore lots of popular articles and even the trending content tailored which are relevant to your interests.

Use LinkedIn to Get More Leads

A research has found that traffic generated from the LinkedIn has the highest visitor to lead conversion rate, even much more than Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn can effectively assist businesses in generating more quality leads.

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