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5 Disruptive Ways To Start B2B Marketing On LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn is mostly used a professional networking platform and by those who are seeking jobs. It can offer you business opportunities aplenty to market your brand and generate new leads. According to the recent analysis, this social platform has successfully helped in boosting B2B relationships.

Thus with over 400 million users, LinkedIn can add up a lot to your marketing strategy helping you in targeting new customers, improve your brand visibility. Reinforce relationships with prospects and in many other ways.

LinkedIn For Business

So are you thinking of considering LinkedIn as your new B2B marketing medium? Are you willing to  do what it takes to become a LinkedIn marketing expert?

Thus hereby are certain ways in which LinkedIn might help your business;

  • Grow Your Presence Using Targeted Contents:

Unlike in other social media platforms where entrepreneurs might collect customers, just the way gamers catch their Pokemons. Marketers on LinkedIn tend to network with people working alongside them or belonging to a similar industrial trait.

Using Targeted Contents

So when you start generating contents that your connections want to see, they are more likely to engage with you. In such cases, the content becomes your way to share interchange ideas. These shared content then go around and gets viewed by those out of your intermediate network. So the general notion is the more value your content represents, the more times it gets shared both by your connections as well as by those of theirs. Thus it gives your business more outreach and increases your influence on LinkedIn.

  • Showcase Your Business Value Through Storytelling:

Over the year an enormous amount of advertisements are presented to the customers by professionals, so on an average, a customer has to process many ads in the course of the day. This is quite a number and seems to be increasing alarmingly. So customers somehow have started losing their interest.

In these situations, you have to be very precise and strike to the point with your contents and ads.  With the increasing number of competitors and their contents, you must focus on doing something more to make your contents eye catchy.

Showcasing Business Through Storytelling

Your profile or brand page offers you with the perfect opportunity to tell an engaging story to your brand. Rather than depending solely on textual contents use images and videos to capture your customer’s attention. Tell a tale of your brand and grab as many people’s attention as possible. This will help your business to stand out in the crowd.

  • Leverage Competitiveness:

With most B2B marketers present in LinkedIn you have the exact opportunity to be aware of their marketing strategies. You do get to know how they are capturing the market? Pulling the attention of audiences and engaging with all of them? You get to closely monitor their marketing accomplishments and learn ways that are being used by their employees.

Leverage From Competetions

This might turn out to be very useful for you to develop a healthy marketing strategy as you get to learn about new marketing trends and business tactics.

  • Build Up Your Visibility Through Group Engagements:

Groups do always come up with more benefits. Similarly in case of LinkedIn marketers too, groups are the exact medium to outsource their business, ideas, and mindset. Through these LinkedIn groups, one can successfully engage with fellow business personnel and share their thoughts about each other’s product.

So getting introduced to new faces are not so difficult, all you have to do is join certain groups and create new ones for others to join. This grouping not only strengthens your ties but also facilitate your company’s visibility.

Be More Visible Through Group Engagements

So participating in groups and discussions is always a smart marketing tactic. While engaging in discussions your primary goal should be to answer questions and keep the discussion lively. This might simply ascertain you in a leader’s place. And this influence will carry forward with your brand.

  • Becoming More Human:

There is a saying ‘No one has ever appreciated doing business with faceless organizations’. Going with it people always find pleasure in doing business with those having emotions, the ones providing the humane touch.

Be More Human

So do focus on optimizing your company profile and pages in such a way that it provokes people to do business with you, that too with pleasure. Using images of employees working in teams will definitely help you show your brand’s personality apart competition. Thus let your employees represent the humane side of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

However to move forward with all such activities you would require a helping hand to ease all your activities. And here we are with your perfect guide- InBoardPro. This fascinating LinkedIn automation software will help you manage all your LinkedIn business activities thereby giving you perfect return on investment.


So in this blog, you learned ways to use LinkedIn to start up and keep strong B2B connections. Thus with the usage of compelling images, great content and helpful contributions from groups and communities one can maintain a positive perception around their brand and excel in their marketing prowess.

 So if this post benefits you do reach out to us with your reviews and suggestions. So what are you using for LinkedIn automation? How is that boosting up your marketing strategy?

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