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5 Actionable Tips to use LinkedIn to Drive Traffic for Blogs

Are you struggling to get traffic for your blog? Dont worry, you are not alone in this list, there are several marketers who are facing the same problem. For all those marketers who are promoting their business via blogs, we got few exceptional tips which will definitely flood your website with traffic.

Though years back, LinkedIn was started to just communicate with people, but as a year passed LinkedIn has improved marketing field rapidly. Initially, marketers used to promote their products among their connections with relevant images or video. But at the present time, marketers are using LinkedIn accounts to get traffic for their blog and for this also marketers need a perfect strategy or plan. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss only those tips which would definitely help blogs to drag maximum traffic.

#1 Tip: Select a Demanding Topic:

Select a Demanding Topic


While writing a blog, the topic should be demanding one, so that it will be explored by all kind of audiences. For that, the marketer should keep following various updated online sites to know relevant topics. Unless and until the topic of a blog is not good no LinkedIn user will read your blog. So, we would suggest keep your blog content fresh, short and interesting, this is very important to drive traffic to blogs.

#2 Tip: Give an Eye-Catchy Headline:

Give an Eye-Catchy Headline


The most important thing while developing a blog is, keep your blog title eye-catchy. It should be attention puller because seeing the title only audiences will get interested in go through your blog. Don’t give a too long title, give it short but interesting as that will drag many LinkedIn users to explore your blog and ultimately drag traffic for your blog.

#3 Tip: Strengthen Your LinkedIn connection:

Strengthen Your LinkedIn connection


Unless a marketer LinkedIn page doesn’t have active followers all efforts will go in vain. At the end of the day, a marketer needs to have strong LinkedIn connections because they will only help your page to get engagement and also drag traffic to your blogs. Hence, a marketer should always try to keep their LinkedIn account active and engaging with the strong connection.  

#4 Tip: Use LinkedIn Button:

Use LinkedIn Button


Whenever a marketer is publishing their blogs to promote their product, they should add LinkedIn button, so that the reader can share it directly within their LinkedIn account. In this way, a marketer’s blog will get most visibility and drive maximum traffic for your blogs. In general, the marketer can add other social media buttons in their blogs to improve its visibility and get traffic for it.

#5 Tip: Share Blogs in Active Groups:

Share Blogs in Active Groups


At last the marketer should promote their blog by sharing it with various groups and individuals. A marketer should join various active groups and share all the posts there so that it will drag more traffic for blogs. As in group a marketer can add many active and interested users hence, it’s become easy for marketers to drag traffic with any update. Moreover, in the just single group a marketer can find multiple interested users who can boost-up LinkedIn engagement.

Final Words:

Since LinkedIn marketing has many opportunities for marketer but still they need to explore them with smart work. Similarly, we would also like to suggest one of the best LinkedIn marketing tool Inboardpro, which is especially meant for managing LinkedIn accounts. A marketer can simply automate their LinkedIn account and enjoy all the engagement or other features required to the boost-up marketing process. To know such type of LinkedIn marketing tips keep following our blogs.

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